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About Las Vegas

At Desert Valley Audiology, we know that Vegas is much more than the world-famous Vegas Strip. Others might know Las Vegas as a hub for shopping, gambling, fine dining, and amazing nightlight and entertainment, but to us it’s home. Our city boasts museums, galleries, and performance venues, as well as sports stadiums and numerous parks.

In a big city like Vegas, your hearing is under constant strain, and whether you’re grabbing drinks with friends downtown, enjoying a ball game with the family, or commuting to work, your hearing could be in jeopardy. Have you started avoiding social events because you simply can’t follow conversations? Feeling embarrassed that you can’t hear as well as you used to, or worried you might mishear a question and answer inappropriately?

Don’t settling for living with untreated hearing loss! Contact us at Desert Valley Audiology to explore your hearing aid options. When you can’t hear, you’re missing out on far more than just the odd word or sentence. Hearing loss affects your quality of life, and impacts the relationships you value the most. Take charge of your hearing health, and find out how a hearing aid can change your life. We’ll start with a hearing assessment to test your hearing range and hearing needs. Then we’ll work together to find a pair of quality hearing aids that will change your life. Not only will you be able to hear all the sounds around you, your hearing aids will help you reconnect with the people who really matter.

Directions from NW Las Vegas and Summerlin

Exit off US 95 on Rancho Drive and head South on Rancho Drive. Continue South until you reach Alta Drive. Continue through Alta and make a u-turn at the island. After the u-turn, make a right turn into the parking lot of the building Quail Park 1. Our office is conveniently located on the northwest corner of the complex in Suite A8.