Hearing Aid Repair in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

You may be unfamiliar with hearing aid repair, so it is important to know what common issues are when to get repairs, and what you can expect!

Troubleshooting Common Hearing Aid Issues

You use your hearing aids every day and will know when they seem to not be working as well. The most common problems people experience with their hearing aids include:

  • not loud enough
  • not producing any sound
  • the sounds are off or distorted
  • there’s feedback

Before taking them in for repairs, you can try self-troubleshooting to see if you can fix the issue. You can do the following:

  • Inspect hearing aids: thoroughly inspect the device and remove any debris, wax, or any other substance that could be acting as a barrier
  • Turn device on: this seems obvious but make sure your device is turned on! Keep in mind that the door keeping the batter in place has to be shut, if it is not closing, try reinserting the battery and powering the device on.
  • Replace battery: Check the battery to see if it is dead, replace with new batteries.
  • Test volume: try increasing and decreasing the volume to make sure that you can hear the volume changing

If these strategies do not work, it could indicate a bigger problem that has to be repaired by an expert.

Hearing Aid Repair
Hearing Aid Repair Instruments

When to Get Hearing Aid Repair

Like other electronic devices, hearing aid repair are common. You should take your hearing aids to your hearing healthcare provider if:

  • You have tried the troubleshooting methods previously mentioned and they did not work
  • There is visible damage to your device: holes, cracks, etc. on the surface of the device
  • You are experiencing constant feedback or a whistling noise
  • Your device is regularly uncomfortable

If you have never taken your device to be repaired, you probably have a few questions and are curious about the process.

What to Expect

Here are the things you should know to help guide you through this process: 

  • Contact us: We can talk you through any issues you may have with your hearing aids, and we can schedule a time for you to come in with your devices.
  • Costs: the first thing to do is check to see if your hearing aids came with a warranty and if the dates have not expired. If your warranty still applies, your device can be fixed for free. If it is a quick fix, we typically can handle repairs usually without cost. Depending on the scope of the problem, repairs can cost between $300-$600.  
  • Duration: typically, repairs can be completed within the same day, even while you wait. In some instances, we may have to send your devices to the manufacturer for more in-depth repairs. If this is the case, it could take longer. We can determine this when you come in with your devices.
  • Loans: if it is expected that your repairs will take longer than one day, you should have a plan so that you are not without hearing aids. In some cases, we have loaner hearing aids for you to borrow until yours are fixed.

Getting your hearing aids repaired should be simple and efficient. Always try troubleshooting first, check your warranty beforehand, and contact us at Desert Valley Audiology!