Phonak Hearing Aids and Accessories

Desert Valley Audiology offers a full range of Phonak hearing aids and Phonak hearing aid accessories. Our Audiologists and hearing professionals are dedicated to helping you reach your hearing potential and provide full aftercare and service on all new hearing aids. Phonak hearing aids are equipped with an array of powerful technological features, each designed to improve your overall listening experience. Below are a few of the features available in Phonak hearing aids as well as a list of the current hearing models available from our practice.

New Features Available in Phonak Hearing Aids

  • Speech in loud noise - Featuring StereoZoom

    When noise in your listening environment reaches a certain threshold, StereoZoom is automatically activated to allow you to tune out the background noise and focus in on conversation.

  • Speech in Wind

    Speech in Wind is Phonak’s way of dealing with the challenge of hearing well in windy environments. The Speech in Wind feature is designed to help you understand and follow conversations even when the wind is blowing around you.

  • Water Resistant

    Phonak has created Water Resistant hearing aids for those with active lifestyles. While these are not completely waterproof, and should not be completely submerged underwater, they are designed to stand up against humidity and sweat.

  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator

    The Tinnitus Balance noise generator is a feature available in the Audéo V hearing aid. For those who suffer from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, this feature generates a soft sound in quiet environments and can be used in sound enrichment tinnitus therapies.

phonak marvel 1

Audeo Marvel

phonak audeo b

Audeo B

Phonak Sky V

Sky V

Phonak Bolero B

Bolero B